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Baby Factory

Eduardo W Roy Jr. / Philippines / 2011 / 93 min / Tagalog / Color / HDCAM* / San Francisco Premiere


In mostly hand-held images, Eduardo Roy’s debut feature plunges us into an overwhelmingly female world: an extremely busy maternity ward in a Manila hospital in the run-up to Christmas. The first thing to say is that the result is nothing like a TV medical soap; if anything, it’s more like the fiction equivalent of one of Fred Wiseman’s documentaries about institutions, teasing out a sense of the bigger picture from a close concentration on details. Roy integrates his professional actors with a host of non-professionals (presumably playing characters close to their real lives) to produce a vivid sense of life as an underpaid and overstretched nurse— not to mention life as a constantly pregnant woman (the Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country) whose husband won’t even consider birth-control measures. Considering that it’s a scripted and acted film, the feeling of reality is amazingly strong; fiction asserts itself only in the focus on nurse Sarah, who’s thinking of escaping various troubles by applying for work in Canada. The flow of incidents is always credible and always engrossing.

-Tony Rayns Vancouver International Film Festival

Co-presenter: Kaya (3/9)


  • Director: Eduardo W Roy Jr.
  • Executive Producer: Almond Derla, Demy Derla, Marlo Derla
  • Producer: Lapuz Ferdinand, Sarah Pagcaliwagan
  • Cinematographer: Jay Abello, Ogi Sujatan
  • Writer: Jerome Samora..Eduardo W Roy Jr.
  • Editor: Charliebebs Gohetia
  • Cast: Diana Zubiri, Sue Prado, Mailes Kanapi, PeeWee O'Hara
  • Sound: Albert Michael Idioma


March 9, 2012 5:00 pm
SF Film Society Cinema at New People
Tickets not currently on sale

March 12, 2012 8:50 pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
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