First Name Basis

First Name Basis

This collection of heartfelt and compelling films explores the complexity of self. Be a firsthand witness to the journeys of these characters as they let you in on their most-kept secrets and intimate lives. Co-presenter: Chinese for Affirmative Action (3/10, 3/15)

March 10, 2012 2:10 pm
SF Film Society Cinema at New People
Tickets not currently on sale

March 15, 2012 6:00 pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
Tickets not currently on sale


  1. My Name is Seven

    D.B. Cheng / USA / 2011 / 7 min / World Premiere

    Seven is a true B-boy deep inside, but will his moves impress the girl of his dreams?
  2. Kaveri

    Shilpa Munikempanna / India / 2011 / 19 min / North America Premiere

    A delicate coming-of-age journey that follows a young girl as she negotiates what it means to become a woman.
  3. Jin

    Il Cho / USA / 2011 / 20 min / World Premiere

    Set against the backdrop of K-town’s vibrant nightlife, Jin follows a young man seeking to provide a future for his brother while reconciling his conscience with the harsh realities of the world.
  4. Lady Razorbacks

    Laura Green / USA / 2011 / 4 min

    When a group of Pacific Islander women struggles to start a rugby team in East Palo Alto, they find the field to be an unexpected sanctuary.
  5. Ring Laila

    Anuradha Rana / India / USA / 2011 / 25 min

    Young women raised in the slums of Kolkata fight for their identity in a boxing ring, risking a life more ordinary
  6. Johnny Loves Dolores

    Clarissa De Los Reyes / USA / Phillipines / 2011 / 27 min / World Premiere

    Two Filipino illegal immigrants—a lonely clerk and a jobless cleaning lady—form an odd arrangement during the recent economic downturn. Johnny Loves Dolores examines an aspect of the Filipino migrant experience in which money drives relationships, and where loneliness is just one of the many consequences of working in another country.

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