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Night Market Hero

Mike Takashi, Yeh Tien-lun / Taiwan / 2011 / 126 min / Mandarinm Hokkien, Hakka with English subtitles / Color / 35mm / San Francisco Premiere


Taiwan’s biggest box-office hit of 2011, Night Market Hero is a festive celebration of the nation’s beloved late-night food markets, and a stunning paean to the kinetic insanity of mid-90s Hong Kong comedy films. Directed by first-timer Yeh Tien-lun and written by his sister Gisele, the film immediately outdoes its Hong Kong influences with a kinetic set-piece worthy of Wong Jing or Stephen Chow that showcases the smells and colors of the rollicking 888 Night Market. With the help of his friend Seven, the handsome union leader Au Hua presides over the bustling market and a dizzying array of characters like the voluptuous Ms. Luffa, the Happy Chicken Fillet Lady, and the vain Mrs. Steak and her boyfriend Bingo King. Between presiding over spats both silly and serious, Au Hua spends his days taking care of his fragile grandmother and stirring a little good-natured trouble with visiting journalist Yi-nan. After a corrupt city councilor sells the market to real estate developers and some helmet-clad thugs showers its stalls with Roman Candles, Ah Hua and Yi-nan join together to fight for the merchants whose sweat makes the night market breath. Punctuated by hilarious song and-dance numbers and outbursts of culinary fantasy that rival Chow’s God of Cookery, Night Market Hero may pay tribute to a golden age of Hong Kong comedy, but its sights, sounds, and delights are all Taiwanese.

-Jackson Scarlett

Co-presenter: Taiwanese American Professionals (3/12, 3/17)


  • Director: Mike Takashi, Yeh Tien-lun
  • Producer: Yeh Chin Sheng
  • Cinematographer: Ting-Chang Yin
  • Writer: Tan-Ching Yeh, Yeh Tien-lun
  • Editor: Ju-Guan Hsiao
  • Cast: Blue Lan, Alice Ko, Chu Ko-Liang, Lotus Wang


March 12, 2012 9:00 pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
Rush Only

March 17, 2012 4:00 pm
Camera 3 Cinemas
Rush Only

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