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This summit will bring together Asian Americans from all corners of media to confront the present and future of Asian Americans onscreen and online. Digital technology has fundamentally changed mass viewing habits, as well as mass distribution and production methodologies. And for Asian Americans, these changes are nothing short of revolutionary. In the past five years, a tidal wave of viewers has emerged on YouTube, watching videos made by and starring Asian Americans. These days, the most recognizable Asian American faces may no longer come from Hollywood or network shows, yet the spotlight of “success” still remains on feature films and broadcast television. We have to ask ourselves: are we still looking in the right direction?

So how do we answer this question (or even figure out the right questions) while confronting the massive change in media and spurring innovation within it? The answer is—not on our own. We’ve invited a diverse set of thinkers representing media, technology, arts, business and community perspectives to speak about their view of the present, and to tell us their vision of the future. From YouTube to interactive technology, Hollywood to non-profits, audiences to distribution, this session will aim to make sense of the changing landscape—and opportunities—facing us.

Each speaker will be followed by an open Town Hall question-and-response session. This one-of-a-kind summit aims to generate dynamic, no-holds barred, provocative dialogues, and is a must for anyone invested in or just curious about what’s happening with Asian Americans in media and where we’re all headed. This conversation will not be televised, but it will be live-streamed. So come by in person or join online, ask your own questions and hear what those in the trenches have to say. It starts with your willingness to join the dialogue.

Confirmed participants include:

Nā'ālehu Anthony
Kenyatta Cheese
Gary Chou
Lee Ann Kim
Wendy Levy
Quan Phung, television producer
Ana Serrano
Celine Parrenas-Shimizu
Musa Syeed
Wong Fu Productions
Chi-hui Yang, independent curator and media professor
Shinae Yoon
Rana Cho

Official twitter hashtag: #pfsummit

Read more about the participants and summit:

Sakura Room in the Hotel Kabuki
1625 Post Street, San Francisco Japantown
Please RSVP to Davin Agatep at:


March 11, 2012 1:00 pm
Hotel Kabuki


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