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Salad Days

Jeff Mizushima, Hiram Chan, Emily Yoshida / USA / 2011 / 75 min / English / Color / Digibeta / San Francisco Premiere


The advent of social media has undoubtedly changed the way we view not only our family and friends, but ourselves as well. Perhaps even more telling is the way today’s youth has taken to the Internet as an avenue to reach out to others on a scale never seen before. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that the Internet plays a pivotal role in Salad Days, a quirky narrative focusing on the trials and tribulations of three twentysomethings living in the Bay Area. At its heart Salad Days is a film about love, but—like a well-curated Twitter feed—it touches upon several themes, including the uncertainty of youth, the intrinsically voyeuristic nature of social media, and (of course) the complexity of human relationships.

Salad Days shamelessly bills itself as a comedy of tragic proportions, and the description is spot on. Without a doubt, there are several “laugh out loud” scenes scattered throughout the film, but each is not without an equally thought-provoking moment that highlights the complications of the increasing duality that the Internet is (almost) forcing us to live. With Salad Days, directors and writers Hiram Chan, Jeff Mizushima and Emily Yoshida have created a work sure to inspire dialogue about the gap between our personal lives and our new Facebook’d, YouTube’d identities; they’ve also shown us that the spirit of indie filmmaking is alive and well in the Asian American community.

-Joseph Albert


  • Director: Jeff Mizushima, Hiram Chan, Emily Yoshida
  • Producer: David Chien, Jeff Mizushima, Hiram Chan
  • Cinematographer: Sam Yano, Erik Kim
  • Writer: Jeff Mizushima, Hiram Chan, Emily Yoshida
  • Editor: Jeff Mizushima
  • Cast: Dave Horwitz, Anthony Kuan, Emily Yoshida


March 11, 2012 5:00 pm
SF Film Society Cinema at New People
Tickets not currently on sale

March 12, 2012 8:45 pm
SF Film Society Cinema at New People
Tickets not currently on sale


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