Program Detail

The Play Salon

120 min


Games are a passion for many, and can be a big part of our daily lives. When a game really moves us emotionally, intellectually, and artistically it can be a profound experience. In the spirit of the SFIAAFF’11 game panel, we bring together an esteemed group of innovative and artistic game designers to discuss their work and brainstorm game ideas with the audience. The featured artists will discuss their history with games, as well as give the audience a taste of their creative process by developing a game design/idea with the audience. Bring your game ideas to the salon because it is time to design and play!

Jenova Chen
Game Designer, Journey, thatgamecompany

Michael Cheng
Game Designer, The Last Sleeper, Triple Jump

Suyin Looui
Interactive Designer & Producer, Hey Baby Game

Moderated by:

Dino Ignacio, Designer & Artist, Electronic Arts


March 9, 2012 7:00 pm
SuperFrog Gallery
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