This Is Not Love

This Is Not Love

Capturing all the ways in which people come together and fall apart, the films in this program explore that deep longing for connection, and the misery that often comes with it. Full of family strife, dark desires and cheating lovers, these films strike at your heart, cutting those deep wounds that, while painful, are nevertheless necessary in the pursuit of happiness. This program contains sexually explicit content.

March 10, 2012 8:30 pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
Tickets not currently on sale

March 13, 2012 8:30 pm
SF Film Society Cinema at New People
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  1. Yield

    Natalie Tsui / USA / 2011 / 5 min / World Premiere

    Just how dangerous can it be to fall in love? In this experimental film, classic love songs are wonderfully juxtaposed with images of a love affair gone wrong, revealing the darkness lurking behind any intense passion.
  2. Instant Slapping

    Masahiro Sugano / USA / 2011 / 14 min / USA Premiere

    A sister attempts to reconcile with her brother online, but the two siblings can’t help poking at family wounds. Excellent acting and writing allow this silent family drama to speak volumes.
  3. Shanghai Love Market

    Craig Rosenthal / China / 2011 / 9 min / San Francisco Premiere

    Shanghai’s famous People’s Park, where parents go to make matches for their unwed children, provides the backdrop for this stylish tale of an overly demanding mother trying to find the perfect wife for her son.
  4. Thief

    Jay Chern / Taiwan / 2011 / 29 min / North America Premiere

    Gloriously immersed in the vibrant world of Taipei’s famous night markets, this recent winner of the 2011 Golden Horse Award for Best Short Film follows one woman’s pursuit of the thief who has stolen her cell phone.
  5. No Contract

    Randall Lloyd Okita / Canada / 2011 / 8 min / USA Premiere

    In this visually mesmerizing experimental documentary, an audience watches while a stuntman sets himself on fire. What begins as a simple stunt turns into a combustive treatise on isolation, desire, destruction and connection.
  6. Parachute Kids

    Allen Ho / USA / 2011 / 15 min / San Francisco Premiere

    Kelvin is a ‘Parachute Kid,’ one of many affluent Asian American children left on their own in the U.S. while their parents work overseas. Seeking relief from an unsupervised adolescence full of partying and drugs, Kelvin reaches out to his mother at Christmas, but their years apart may be too much to overcome.
  7. Camels

    Jee-Youn Park / South Korea / 2011 / 11 min / USA Premiere

    Surreal and imaginative animation highlight this tale of a woman struggling to cope with her feelings for an ex-lover who has left her, yet does not seem willing to let her go.
  8. Comfort Window

    Wayne Yung / Germany / 7 min

    Director Wayne Yung (My German Boyfriend) presents an intense interview with a Frenchman who professes an overwhelming desire for Asian men. Unsettling, provocative, and sexually explicit, this film provides a fascinating new perspective of Asian attraction.

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