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Tibet In Song

Ngawang Choephel / Tibet / 2009 / 86 min / Tibetan, Buryat with English subtitles / Color


Tibet in Song is a riveting and unforgettable look at one man’s struggle to preserve Tibetan music, culture and national identity. Using rarely seen performances against the backdrop of Tibet’s delicate history with China, director Ngawang Choephel tells a harrowing story of beauty, pain, brutality and resilience. Leaving Tibet after the Chinese invasion of 1950, Choephel was raised in India, where he was surrounded by fellow Tibetan refuges who instilled in him a love for traditional music. In 1995, nearly forty years after he first left Tibet, he returned to his homeland as a musicologist, hoping to record what remained of Tibetan folk music. A riveting look at Tibet’s unique and vibrant heritage through the eyes of a talented and determined musicologist and filmmaker, this poignant film serves as a celebration of folk music and the generation of Tibetan people challenging cultural domination.

-Elizabeth Choi

Co-presenter: International Buddhist Film Festival (3/9)


  • Director: Ngawang Choephel
  • Executive Producer: ANNE Corcos
  • Producer: Ngawang Choephel
  • Cinematographer: Hugh Walsh, Carrie Lederer, Ngawang Choephel
  • Writer: Ngawang Choephel


March 9, 2012 2:00 pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

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