White Elephant

White Elephant

Explore the profound relationship between giving and taking—and all of the joy, anger, acceptance and pain that come with it. From geriatric graffiti enthusiasts to a mine-filled road between Afghanistan and Pakistan, these stories depict how—with eyes, ears and arms open—we can be taken to places we never expected. Co-presenter: Kearney Street Workshop (3/9)

March 9, 2012 9:45 pm
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
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March 17, 2012 9:00 pm
Camera 3 Cinemas
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  1. Wonder Boy

    Corrie Chen / Australia / 2010 / 15 min / North America Premiere

    Identity is hardly ever clear cut. In this tender-hearted film, a young boy quietly struggles between who he is at school and who he is at home.
  2. Road to Peshawar

    Hammad Rizvi / USA / 2011 / 19 min / North America Premiere

    A Soviet soldier and an Afghan father-and-daughter pair connect along a dangerous journey to Pakistan.
  3. Terra Cotta

    Yasmine Gomez / USA / 2011 / 6 min / World Premiere

    Fourth roommate wanted in New York apartment! Find out what happens when someone from the house goes rogue.
  4. Memoria

    Yihwen Chen / Malaysia / 2011 / 8 min / World Premiere

    Haunted by silent trauma, this visually contemplative film examines what it means to have a past that permeates your present.
  5. Only Meal of the Day

    SHANG-SING GUO / Taiwan / Thailand / 2010 / 7 min / San Francisco Premiere

    What does it mean to have? In this short filled with patience and compassion, a noodle vendor, a young boy and his mother are at the nexus as a foreign couple in Thailand confront the assumptions within the act of giving.
  6. Nani

    Justin Tipping / USA / 2011 / 21 min / World Premiere

    A bold and emotionally palpable story of a teenage graffiti artist and an aging woman. Through their misadventures of tagging the streets, they rediscover what it means to be alive.
  7. Real Talk

    Patrick Ng / USA / 2011 / 13 min / World Premiere

    Race relations reach a boil in this painful unfolding of friendship and betrayal.
  8. Power of Love

    Joyce Wong / Canada, Kenya / 2011 / 8 min / San Francisco Premiere

    The men of a Kenyan Maasai tribe describe the overwhelming impact that the music of Celine Dion has had on their lives.

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